Check out this month’s gifts with purchase from Young Living:
  • 100PV Loyalty Orders: get a FREE Lavender Lip Balm
  • 190PV Loyalty Orders: get a FREE 15ml Rosemary Essential Oil
  • 190PV Orders: get a FREE 15ml Patchouli Essential Oil
  • 250PV Orders: get a FREE 15ml Progessence Plus Serum
  • 300PV Orders: get a FREE 15ml Ylang Ylang essential oil
PLUS - Loyalty Rewards customers enjoy an additional 15% off LavaDerm After-Sun Spray and YL Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50! 

Read on for all the happenings in our Wellness Community this month!  

Not Sure What to order?

We have an easy button for you! Use the button below to shop our May Essentials wishlist - a curated custom cart with your Young Living must-haves for this month. Get your must-haves with an additional 10-25% back in points you can spend like a gift card on your Young Living account!

Exciting news alert - have you heard about the new collection from Young Living called Simplified Spring? Get ready to dive into the refreshing scents of Mona Fields™, Pompeii Sunrise™, and Tunisian Blossom™ blends. 

These blends are perfect for freshening up the air in your home for spring, for using as a new personal fragrance, or for adding to a luxurious bath. The Simplified Spring oils can be purchased individually or as a collection; grab one (or all three!) today!

Young Living has taken the gift of our Einkorn Wheat one step further with a new for-profit initiative to help world hunger called Young Giving. We are partnering with the charitable organization Convoy of Hope to provide nutrient-rich whole-food meals to hungry children all over the world with a product called EinLife!! 

You can purchase EinLife meals for donation with any Young Living order - one-time or on your Loyaly order every month! Each EinLife meal is 2.5PV, so it contributes to your Loyalty PV and eligibility for freebies and commissions! Add EinLife to your order and help hungry children! 


You don't want to miss out on this SUPER SIMPLE 2-week challenge that is helping THOUSANDS of people reclaim their health by tackling inflammation, improving joints, improving sleep, increasing energy, and dropping stubborn pounds and inches! Many people have done multiple rounds of the 14 Day Reset and have lost 20, 30, and even more than 50 lbs!!

The 14 Day Reset incorporates therapeutic amounts of Ningxia Red with balanced nutrition and a focus on hydration that delivers powerful results. You will need four bottles of Ningixa Red, or the new Make A Shift Reset Kit; order yours today and get ready to jump in! Join the free 14 Day Reset Group today for access to education, encouragement, meal plans, wellness tips, and more! 

Join the stress away solution this month

Are you tired of feeling stressed? Does your body feel like it's under constant attack? Do you need simple, daily habits for calming your nervous system? We have a solution!

Join us during the months of May and June as we learn the simplest ways we can bring peace into our bodies, minds and homes! These months can be full of events, end of school, travel, and commitments, and we want to come alongside you helping you to breathe, use powerful tools, and find a way of living that takes stress out of the driver's seat. 

We'll focus on 3 simple activities to do every day to build a habit to help our bodies deal with stress. Take some deep breaths, drop or diffuse your Stress Away oil, and get in a 15 minute walk. That's it! Daily education, encouragement, and accountability will take place inside the Stress Away Solution Facebook Group! Use the Password Stress24 to get into the group - and invite a friend to join you

This Month In Our Group

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Be sure to tune into our group this month for tips on women’s health care by age and stage of life, diffuser blends, summer vacation prep tips, Mother’s Day must haves and more!

MAY Diffuser Blends


Check out these incredible Anthropologie Inspired diffuser blends! With delicious scents like Volcano and Capri Blue, these blends are sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Listen up ladies; this month is all about you! May is Women's Health Care Month, and it's the perfect time to prioritize our well-being and invest in ourselves, one healthy habit at a time.

Women’s bodies are incredible; we function on a 28 day hormone cycle, during which our bodies are prepared to help create and sustain another human life. There are decades of development leading up to child bearing years, and decades following that are filled with incredible changes.
Investing in your health is an investment in YOU; and YOU are worth it! Here are a few tips on how Young Living can help you to prioritize health and wellness now and in the years to come:

  • For every stage and phase of life one of the biggest things you can do to improve your hormone health is to reduce the toxic burden on your body. It’s never to late to swap out products filled with chemicals and synthetic fragrances for plant based and oil infused options; your hormones will thank you!
  • Progessence Plus is one of the free gifts with purchase this month, and is perfect for women in reproductive years, peri menopause, and  menopause. Made with naturally derived progesterone from wild yam extract, it's specifically designed for enhancing female hormonal balance. Just a few drops on your neck or forearms can make a significant difference in how you feel throughout the month. Most women notice the most difference in their moods feeling more balanced! 
  • In peri menopause and menopause, take advantage of supplements designed to balance fluctuating hormones! Femigen is specially formulated with herbs and amino acids designed to support a woman's unique needs during menopause; from balancing moods to helping stop sleep disturbances, this is a one of kind supplement with plentiful benefits!

Tune into our wellness group this month for more tips on women’s health in every phase of life!

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