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3 Secrets of Essential Oils

"Do what?! " I exclaimed when my friend suggested I order a Starter Kit of Young Living Essential Oils in 1999.  He also suggested I get the big guide book on essential oils  available at the time. What seemed like a pretty crazy favor for a friend developed into a life changing journey.  Thank you dear friend.

      You can dive in head first or toe dip, but I guarantee that if you will try Young Living Essential OIls and their oil infused products you will get results.  You will know the relief of avoiding known toxins that are loading up our everyday products.  You will know the pleasure of bringing your body or your mind quickly into balance as you go though your life's activities.  You will reap the benefits of a home that is not draining you and your family, including your pets.

      This work/play of sharing Young Living with others is vital to the future of our world.  Young Living is a company that acts sustainably and humanely with every drop of oil, with every act of business; not only as the global leader of essential oils but as a leader in business ethics, leading the way to a better world for us, our children, and generations to come.  


    Wayne Dyer spoke about Young Living Essential Oils shortly before he passed.  He called them, "Little drops of God in a bottle."  How appropriate. Come get yours and make your life better than you ever imagined!

Maggie Burgisser, MMA, CFSP, CCA  
Owner, Healthy Images, LLC 
Young Living Distributor #300370

       Twenty years of using and studying essential oils has included Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy, Certification in Raindrop Technique, Certification in Aroma Freedom Technique and other disciplines.  Young Living is a passion because theses oils have benefitted me in so many ways.  The learning continues.
        I was a dental hygienist for many decades working in several USA states and in Switzerland.  Along the journey I received an advanced degree in Advertising Administration in England.  Back in the USA I became passionate about feng shui and certified in the Buddhist Black Sect tradition through a 3 Year Training program.  As a natural adjunct to that I became certified as a Home Stager.  
         I believe in keeping a healthy flow of energy in our bodies and homes.  This is possible with a willingness to dig past the obvious advertising and media that surrounds us and apply ancient knowledge to our very important, very real contemporary lives.  
         On a personal note I have two wonderful  adult children and two of the world's most adorable granddaughters!

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