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We are changing it up a little bit with this month's free gifts with purchase! Take note of the changes in promo tiers! Qualifying orders in June will get:
  • 100PV Loyalty Orders: get a FREE 5ml Valor essential oil blend!!!!
  • 200PV Orders: get a FREE 5ml Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil
  • 300PV Orders: get a FREE bottle of the AMAZING Super B Vitamins!
PLUS - Loyalty Rewards customers enjoy an additional 15% off SleepEssence Capsules and a 10-pack of our beloved Muscle Rub Sample Tins! 

Read on for all the happenings in our Wellness Community this month!  

Register by June 30 and celebrate 30 years with us

Do whatever it takes to get there. Once you attend a Young Living convention in-person, visit the farm, experience our award-winning green certified headquarters, test new products, and get treated like royalty while you meet and greet faces new and familiar, your level of understanding and appreciation for everything Young Living is increases immensely.  Be there!!

Summer is in full swing and one of the best ways to bring the sunshine and vacation vibes inside is to grab the Simplified Summer Collection from Young Living! 

This collection consists of three dreamy smelling oils that you will love diffusing, adding to room sprays, or dabbing on as a summer fragrance! Enjoy being surrounded by the summer scents of Tropical Tango, Seaside, and Orange Creamsicle with this collection; grab it while supplies last!

Today I’m bringing you a refreshingly icy treat recipe that is jam packed with deliciousness and oil infused goodness!

Introducing the Summer Bliss Slushie—a sweet and zesty concoction that's as delightful to your taste buds as it is beneficial for your body!

Lemon oil is great for supporting healthy digestion and dealing with summer bloat, while Lavender is calming and adds a twist to the flavor profile of your treat. Take your treat to the next level with the Vitality drops; they have minerals from the Great Salt Lake and electrolytes! 


You don't want to miss out on this SUPER SIMPLE 2-week challenge that is helping THOUSANDS of people reclaim their health by tackling inflammation, improving joints, improving sleep, increasing energy, and dropping stubborn pounds and inches! Many people have done multiple rounds of the 14 Day Reset and have lost 20, 30, and even more than 50 lbs!!

The 14 Day Reset incorporates therapeutic amounts of Ningxia Red with balanced nutrition and a focus on hydration that delivers powerful results. You will need four bottles of Ningixa Red, or the new Make A Shift Reset Kit; order yours today and get ready to jump in! Join the free 14 Day Reset Group today for access to education, encouragement, meal plans, wellness tips, and more! 

Not Sure What to order?

As a service to you, I am offering free Zyto Scans free.  What is that?  The Zyto scanner, which has been around for many years, now has a phone app. So we don’t need to be in person to do a scan. With this scan, you will be able to see what biomarkers, both physically and emotionally, are not in balance. Then, the program will give you recommendations to bring your biomarkers back into balance. It’s not only fun to do, but it’s very informative and gives you a solid plan using our products to support you. With this link, you will get an email that will walk you through it.

June Diffuser Blends

BEST summer vibes RECIPES

These June Diffuser Recipes will help you set all the perfect summer vibes for long sunshine-cloaked days and gorgeous sunsets, hours at the pool, popsicles outside, and all those long, relaxing days in between.

When it comes to caring for the men we love, supporting their health and well-being is always a top priority. This article offers practical ways to support men's health through good nutrition, avoiding harmful products, and leveraging the benefits of specific Young Living products. Whether you're a wife looking to improve your husband's daily routine or someone keen on adopting a non-toxic lifestyle, these tips will guide you toward better health and wellness.

Prioritize Good Nutrition

Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. Ensuring that your diet is balanced and rich in essential nutrients can make a world of difference. For men, this means focusing on:
  • Plenty of Protein: Protein is crucial for muscle maintenance and overall energy. Young Living's Pure Protein Complete is an excellent supplement that offers a comprehensive blend of proteins, making it easy to get the necessary intake.
  • Nutrient-Rich Foods: Incorporate a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats into daily meals to ensure a well-rounded diet.
  • Hydration: Staying hydrated is equally important for maintaining bodily functions and overall health. Encourage drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Supplement Well

Supplements can fill in any nutritional gaps and provide additional health benefits. Here are some top Young Living products that can help:
  • NingXia Red: This antioxidant-rich drink supports overall wellness and provides a natural energy boost. It's a great addition to any daily routine, helping to keep you active and vibrant.
  • PowerGize: Specifically designed for men, PowerGize supports healthy testosterone levels, boosts physical performance, and enhances vitality. Incorporating this supplement can help maintain peak physical condition.

Avoid Toxic Products

In today's world, many products contain harmful synthetics and fragrances, which can negatively affect health. To support a non-toxic lifestyle:
  • Check Labels: Always read product labels and avoid those with synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances. This is just as important for men's hormone health as it is for women's! 
  • Choose Natural Alternatives: Opt for natural and plant-based products whenever possible. Young Living's Shutran Men's Line offers a range of grooming and personal care products free from harmful ingredients, tailored specifically for men's needs.

Embrace a Non-Toxic Lifestyle

Beyond nutrition and supplements, adopting a non-toxic lifestyle involves being mindful of the products used daily:
  • Household Cleaners: Many traditional cleaners contain toxic chemicals. Switching to non-toxic alternatives like Thieves Cleaner can reduce exposure to harmful substances.
  • Personal Care: Skincare, deodorants, and other personal care products should be as natural as possible to avoid introducing toxins into the body! The Shutran men's personal care line is the perfect solution for men's needs, with easy products that smell amazing! 

Iron will men's camp September 13-15, 2024 in Utah

Rediscover your power and strength, build long-lasting friendships, and expand your circle of successful and driven men. This is not just a camp but a road to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among like-minded individuals. You will return home with a more profound gratitude for your authentic self.

I am so thankful for you!
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